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Here at this website we cannot take any credit decisions. It depends on lenders to set rates and terms for loans. We have no role in deciding the loan amount, term and other factors related to the loan. Therefore, ahead of applying for a short term loan it is important to read the terms and conditions of loans very carefully. You are free to use loan calculators and other comparison tools available on the sire to find out the cost of the loan. There is a different interest rate for different loan plan. Also, different lenders charges different costs for a loan, which depends on your income, repayment capability and your circumstances.

Any type of loan comes with certain rate of interest. So, you should always think carefully before you apply for any amount and agree to any repayment tenure of the loan. Just make sure that you will be able to repay it when the due date comes. If you are facing financial difficulty and doesn’t have enough funds in your account, you should immediately get in touch with your lender and see if they can reschedule your repayment term.

Important - Penalty and Late Fees


Penalties and late fee charges will make your loan even more expensive. So, just make sure to repay your loan installments on time. Non-repayment of the loan will put bad impact on your credit history and this will also hurt your future borrowing. Ahead of signing any loan agreement with the lender, always remember to borrow only what you can afford, consider alternate options, find your eligibility, consider loans for meeting emergencies only and not your existing debts. Also, it is utmost important to go through the loan agreement very carefully.

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