Are you looking for ways to arrange cash in the event of an emergency? With a debit card in hand you can easily find a solution to the problem. Yes, you read that right! Debit card loans are cash advances that you can receive on your debit card.

With this loan option, you will get ease of access to fetch funds whenever in crisis. So, if you are a holder of a debit card then you can use it to get money in the form of cash advance. You can overcome any financially tight situation by making right use of the money approved against your debit card.

Despite having a suitable amount of savings you might encounter a critical financial situation. The worst part is that this can happen often and can leave you unprepared. In such a situation having an alternative option like debit card loans is an ultimate boon.

Cash advance is not just obtainable using a credit card only. It is credit card cash advance which you can obtain using the credit card and the obtained sum is added to the total balance. However, debit card loans are different.

Unlike credit card, the amount can be taken out directly using the debit card. So, the obtained amount is part of the available balance in the debit card. Thus, it does not add to the revolving balance. The entire system is almost similar to the process of taking out money from the ATM.

Now, you don’t have to worry about the ATM withdrawal limit. It is vital to make sure if debit card loans will be helpful for you. This type of loan option is associated with fees that you must pay at the time of repaying. You can take help of this article where debit card loans have been discussed elaborately.

How do debit card loans work?

Debit card loans work like any short term loan solution. Here, in case of these loans the approved amount of loan is transferred to your debit card so that you can easily get your hands on the money that you want. Unlike other loan options where you will have to wait till money is transferred to your checking account, you can make use of these loans simply by swiping the debit card.

These loans can be used irrespective of the purpose. However, you should be careful to spend the money for the right purpose. Moreover, it will be pointless if you use the money to cover your lifestyle needs.

Apart from making convenient purchases using the money approved in the form of debit card loans, you are free to use the loan money in other ways also. You will be happy to know that debit card loans can let you get money at another bank teller’s window. This might provide you a great opportunity to access a considerable amount of money when there is an absolute necessity.

It may sound almost the same as withdrawing money from a debit card using an ATM. But there are points where you can spot some difference. Unlike ATMs where you are allowed to take out money as per daily fixed limit, debit card loans are provided in between a specified limit. You will have to choose the needed amount from the limit specified which is usually high in case of these loans.

This type of loan option is not limited to a particular source only. It does not matter which bank is linked with your debit card account. You can access these loans even if you bank through a particular credit union and wish to borrow money through another credit union.

However, it cannot be promised that your loan request will get accepted at any cost. It may happen that a particular lending institution's terms and conditions don’t align with your present financial condition. In such cases, it would be better to approach the lender for more details.

Interest rates and other fees are comparatively less than cash advances that you can obtain through the credit card. So, debit card loans are seemingly the most convenient choice provided that you pick the right rates. Be careful with your decision which will have an impact on your financial potential.

Is it necessary to calculate loan price?

Before taking a step ahead make sure to understand the importance of calculating fees and rate of interest for debit card loans. It is because by drawing comparisons you can know what rates are best suited for you. This will help you make the right decision.

On the other hand if you don’t compare prices then you may end up with a wrong loan offer that can burn a hole in your pocket. Moreover, if you fail to repay the money on time then this would result in default. So, it would be better if you tally all details and make an informed decision.

The interest rate including the loan amount and duration of repayment can be calculated using the loan calculator. This is an easy to access online loan calculating tool. The best part is that you can use this online calculator for free.

After knowing what loan price you will be charged for, you can perform online comparisons of various lenders. This will ultimately help you find the right lender who can offer the best price. Online loan comparison comprises steps that are easy and less time consuming. Draw comparison without fail before making the loan application.

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How are you going to get benefitted by taking these loans?

There must be some strong reasons why the borrower should consider debit card loans over other options. To give you an idea some points have been discussed. Go through them carefully and check if taking these loans will be of any worth or not.

Choosing the right lender is easy-

Debit card loans are one of the most popular loan options. So, you will come across variety of lenders with different types of loan proposals.. This will provide you the opportunity to shop around for best loan offer as per your unique situation.

With online tools, comparing rates is not tiresome anymore. So, you must not choose any lender randomly. Compare rates and verify lender details before making the final decision.

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Apply conveniently-

Since you are dealing with loans, it does not mean that you will have to visit the bank branch in order to make an application. Debit card loans let you apply both online and offline. However, making an online application is the most convenient method to apply for these loans.

This means you don’t have to change your physical location in order to send out a loan request. You will just need the internet connection to fill and complete the online application. You can access the loan application for free.

Some personal details and important information relevant to the application should be shared. Keep all these details with you while completing the application. Carefully enter all the details so that no mistake is done.

Swift money transfer after approval-

The time taken to transfer funds to your account after approval will solely depend on the lender that you select. However, you will not have to wait too long to receive funds once approval is assured. You will be able to access money that is transferred online to your checking account.

Whether it will take a day or few days for the money to get deposited in your bank account completely depends on the lender who will work with. Don’t think of getting access to debit card loans once your application is successfully submitted. Loan approval decisions depend on many factors.

Lender will take into account various aspects of your financial profile while making the decision about loan approval. Although having a stellar credit score is not very important, your credit history will be reviewed by the lender. This helps the lender to get more clarity about your financial potential.

In case of debit card loans the lender will have flexible requirements. So, it is not mandatory for you to possess good credit scores. It will not be problematic for you if your credit scores are not favorable.

With these loans you can find a lender who accepts bad credit scores also. All you need to do is to look out for the right lender. Rate of interest might differ in case of bad credit borrowers. However, rates can also be easily calculated and compared before making the final decision.

Your employment status and income will be given importance. The approval decision will be taken based on various factors. So, poor credit borrowers need not have to lose hope when it comes to getting approval for loans.

Is there anything that must be a concern for you?

Like any other loan options, debit card loans also come with drawbacks. It is important for you to pay attention to them so that you can make the best decision as per your current financial situation. Some of the pain points are discussed here below:

Repayment term-

Debit card loans are offered as short term financing. So, the repayment term provided for these loans would be short. This needs you to be able to pay back loans as per decided short term.

For short term financing solutions like debit card loans, late repayment or missed payment is dangerous. There will be no escape once you take the step ahead and borrow money. After borrowing, you should pay back loans on time.

Failing to pay within stipulated time will cost you more. Penalty fees or late charges will follow once repayment gets delayed. Moreover, this will have a negative impact on your credit history.

There are ways you can handle late repayment. You can discuss your current situation with the lender soon you realize you cannot pay back within time provided for you. You can ask for extension but should be aware of the extra fees that will be charged.

It would be better if you can pay back loans on time. This will prevent interest from accruing. Plus, on time repayment will make you stress free and will let you make future planning with finances.

Eligibility criteria-

It must be known to you that debit card loans like any other loans will have some eligibility criteria set by the lender. Besides, lenders can have some additional requirements but the standard requirements will be the same. Eligibility criteria depend on factors like job, residency, age and bank account.

In order to be able to qualify for debit card loans, the loan applicant should have at least 18 years of age. The application for loan should be submitted by someone who earns a stable monthly income, has required proof showing residency and access to an active bank account. Lenders will not be able to accept any application that does not coincide with the given criteria.

Legitimate lenders-

You must be aware of the reality that there are lenders who are not registered but are operating actively. Just because someone is ready to offer financial help, it does not mean that that person is a legitimate lender. Undertaking a thorough background verification of the lender is of utmost importance for borrowers like you.

You will be in deep trouble if you sign the loan agreement with an illegal lender. You can prevent all these simply by checking the physical address mentioned in the website of the lender. If no address is mentioned then this could be a warning sign for you.

Check if the reviews given for the website are verified ones or not. Stay away from such lenders whose website has plenty of negative reviews and also the rating is not good. You will be in a safe position if you can understand these warning signs from beforehand. It would be ideal for you to look elsewhere if the lender does not fit as per your requirements.

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Fees and charges-

You must know that debit card loans cannot be obtained for free. Interest rate and fees should be paid in order to get access to these loans. The fee structure should be transparent for you.

Lender will give you details about the entire fee structure. You will also be informed if you owe anything upfront. For this you need to spend few minutes carefully read the loan fine print details.

Sufficient money in the account-

Debit card loans will need you to have a sufficient amount of money in your account. It would be risky if you look forward to withdrawing more money than what is available in your account. Moreover, having pending debits which are not cleared from your account will result in incurring overdraft fees soon withdrawal is finished.

At times, you might be charged more than one overdraft fee on daily basis. This will be dangerous as this will negatively impact your financial profile. It should be kept in mind that you cannot go ahead with large advance as this will have adverse effect on your minimum balance requirements.

Minimum balance requirements vary from service provide to service provider. Some may calculate the amount based on average money that is kept in your bank every month. On the other hand, others might calculate keeping the daily average balance in mind.

A separate maintenance fee will be charged if your balance falls beyond the daily minimum required balance after you take out debit card loans. These loans are not perfect for emergency situations. It is because these loans are not able to provide the money period to pay off any unforeseen exigency.


If you are unable to carry out your monthly expenses smoothly then surely you are facing a tight financial situation. On top of this, you are facing emergency expenses that pop up all of a sudden. Don’t assume that all doors are closed as you still have chances to recover from such a problematic condition.

You should not consider getting these loans if your financial condition does not permit it. There are other ways through which you can get cash advance for unknown problems. You can seek assistance from a family or friend or can ask for advance on salary.

Debit card loans can take you out of this crisis situation provided that you own a debit card. These loans can be obtained as per requirement and from within the range mentioned by the lender. While these loans have so much to offer, you must understand that there will be some drawbacks also.

Go ahead and borrow these loans only when terms and rates are acceptable for you. Don’t forget that these loans like other loan options call for on time repayment. Moreover, there would be loan rates and fees which you will have deal with once you apply for these loans.

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