Need to take up a loan? Wondering how to find a suitable loan offer? Couldn’t able to find a right match for your financial needs? Confused with so many loan options from multiple lenders? To sort out all these confusions, turn to One Click For Loan.

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Discover what all your needs are and search for a type of loan accordingly. Always see the bigger picture when it comes to loans and find a loan offer that best suit your requirements.

Find The Best Payday Loan Offers

Today’s loan market is flooded with so many loan options. Therefore, it becomes hard to find the one that fit your budget and circumstances. It is time-consuming and hectic to visit one lender after another and understand terms and conditions for loans and compare various options. With us at One Click For Loan, we will find the process of choosing a right loan offer easy, effortless and smooth for you.

Know What We Do

We are a well-known and reliable online loan matching platform. In just few clicks of mouse, you can easily compare loan options from multiple reputable lenders under one roof. Here we are connected with a wide network of trusted and top-notch US lenders who are willing to provide variety of loans at different rates and terms. We will help you search, compare and find loans that fit your needs in a quicker and easier way.

Free Loan Comparison Services

We do not charge any fee for our matchless loan comparison services. We work as an intermediary between you and the lender. Since we loan offer loan directly, we have no role in taking any credit decisions. One can without a doubt use our wonderful loan comparison services for free.

The Idea Behind Designing a Loan Comparison Portal

The purpose of creating this website is to bring borrowers and lenders together in one place and help them succeed in achieving their goal. Our loan comparison platform helps the borrowers to apply what they can afford and empowers them to fulfill their financial desires.

Complete Safety And Privacy

At One Click For Loan we assure you that your privacy will always remain safe and protected with us. We use best security measures that will keep your private details safe with us. We only collect your private data to share it with our network of top lenders for finding a right loan offer for you. We do not share your information with any third parties.


Steps to compare loans with us

  • We will ask you to provide your basic details to us and also tell about the loan you need and how you will use it. We will transfer your details to the lenders linked with us and in few minutes you will be contacted by lenders with competing offers.
  • Due to huge competition among almost all lenders, their interest rates and other terms on loans may differ. This means you will get the most competitive offers. Start searching for a loan that fit your budget.
  • We make the loan finding process easy for you. You can collect loan quotes from lenders and can compare them. Use loan calculators to estimate the cost of the loan. Just apply online and choose the loan that works best for you.
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Know everything about loans

Know everything about loans

We gather as much information as we can about loans and help you learn about rates and fees, terms and conditions and all other aspects of loans, so that you can take a right decision. It is important to understand terms and conditions of loans by the respective lender ahead of signing any loan agreement. If you do not agree, look for another lender for a better loan plan. At this site we also suggest you ways to improve your credit score as it plays an important role in finding the loan at a best possible rate. We will do our best to find you anything that proves to be excellent for you and can cut down your monthly payments. Get more information about payday loans lending.

Comparison shopping becomes easy and fuss-free

At One Click For Loan, we help you get the best possible deal on your loans. In a matter of few minutes, you can check out multiple loan offers from different lenders which make comparison easy and stress-free. When lenders compete with each other, borrowers get the chance to win the best loan deal. Whether you are looking for a loan to meet emergencies, want to buy a home or consolidate your debt, all your needs will be covered with different types of loans that you can find through us with ease. We are connected with largest network of US lenders that offer some of the best type of loans including payday loans, loans with no credit, personal loans, online loans, 6 month loans and more.

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No risk platform

No risk loan platform

Using One Click For Loan prove to be game changer for you when it comes to finding a suitable loan deal. Our services are available for free. We give you a place where you can compare lenders and different type of loan options in one safe place.

Unbiased loan assistance

Know exactly what your monthly payments be and what cost you have to bear for a loan, by using loan calculators and other comparison tools available at the site. We provide round the clock service. Our expert customer care representatives will work non-stop to solve your queries and work on your suggestions to provide you unbiased and improved services every time you visit us. We sincerely care about you and your money and thus always recommend you to go for a loan that you can afford to pay back on time. We are strives to create a most comfortable and trustworthy finance marketplace for you.

Unbiased Loan Assistance
Know what makes us different from others

Know what makes us different from others

Simply get register with us using your personal identification details and get started with us. Our loan comparison services are so simple and quick to us. In just few minutes, you can see which lenders prequalify you for a loan and at what rates. Such rates are based on your credit score. Checking your prequalified loan rates will not hurt your credit score. You will not going to get such services in other comparison sites. Here at this site we are transparent about the rates, terms and conditions, pros and cons and other facts about the loans. Once you choose the lender, we will redirect you to the lender’s website where you can see personalized loan rates.

Contact us anytime

There is no need to worry the right time to contact us. Here at this website we offer round the clock services. So, feel free to reach out to us at any hour of the day for sharing your queries, suggestions and feedback with us.

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